Cleveland, Ohio — It isn’t everyday that students get to play sports in the student center ballroom, but Tuesday night’s soccer match was unique in more ways than one.

After a fun round of bubble ball, Huawei Wang came off the playing field, trying to catch his breathe with a huge smile on his face.

“I think it’s even more fun than real soccer,” said Wang, a graduate student at Cleveland State University. “It’s not related to skill stuff, but it takes a lot of energy to run and hold up the bubble ball.”

Wang is one of many students who participated in Bubble Ball Soccer, an event hosted by the Campus Activities Board (CAB).

Bubble Ball is a fun casual version of soccer. The catch? Players have to play the game while being wedged inside of a over sized beach ball.

A CSU student tries to balance their bubble as the run down the field.
Photo by Matthew Johns

While the bubble is hard to see through, it also makes it hard for players to balance themselves. This is especially true when opposing players collide with each other, often sending one or both of them to the ballroom floor.

Annemarie Jarachovic, CAB’s Viking After Dark Chair, said the idea for hosting Bubble Ball came from her time playing soccer in high school, where her team used the game as a bonding exercise.

CAB worked with a local company called Cleveland Bubble Soccer to host the event. The event also featured free food, as well as letting guests paint ceramic soccer balls and pendants.

CAB holds events for students at Cleveland State throughout the year. You can visit to learn more about CAB and to see what events they are hosting in the coming weeks.


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