Luke Combs followed up his streak of number-one hits with the release of the music video to accompany his newest single — “One Number Away” — Monday.

“One Number Away,” Combs’ third single off his first studio album — “This One’s for You” — is a ballad that maximizes the impressive vocal range and booming, hardened voice featured by Combs. It is comparable to his first single, “Hurricane,” in regard to style, but carries more of a dark tone.

The video took many by surprise, and an unexpected ending had some begging for a part two.

It features a recently broken couple, which is battling with the idea of getting back together. Flashbacks of the relationship are presented throughout, causing the viewer to feel sympathetic towards the two.

This is an interesting twist on what is presented through the lyrics. The words suggest that the song is in the point of view of a male who is trying to resist the urge to call his ex-girlfriend. The video, however, gives the viewer a path into the minds of both the male and female.

After the release of the video, Combs took to Twitter to explain why the video dials up something unexpected.

“Ive always appreciated how people interpret songs in different ways and I think the twist in this video may be different than what you’re expecting,” Combs said.

Combs burst on to the country music scene — which has gone through an identity crisis– in late 2016 with the release of would-be platinum single, “Hurricane.”

His maturity of voice and song-writing has been a welcome sight for country music faithfuls who have been calling for the return of the powerful, deep and relatable lyrics that are inherent in the genre.

“One Number Away” checks all of those boxes. It is a song the listener can easily sink into and come back to reality thinking, “man, that hits home.”

The song, like Combs’ first two singles, is destined for greatness. A great music video is the perfect accompaniment for that.


Photo courtesy Vevo

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