Cleveland, Ohio — Brantley Gilbert released the music video to his latest single, “The Ones that Like Me,” Thursday. The song is Gilbert’s 13th single and the second off his latest album, “The Devil Don’t Sleep.”

The song tells of Gilbert’s “I am who I am” attitude, and how those who are close to him and know him love him despite his kinks.

During my first listen through of “The Devil Don’t Sleep,” this song is one that stuck out to me. It was not that it is the best song on the album or a sure-fire number one hit, but the message is clear and and fits Gilbert’s style — sing what you write and write what you live — well.

In fact, even though I really liked the song from the first time I listened to it, I never thought — or wanted — it to be a single. Modern country is not as receptive to this style, and it has shown on the charts.

The song peaked at 34 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs and 23 on Billboard’s Country Airplay lists.

The release of the music video to accompany the song could give it one final boost before it starts to slip down the chart. Gilbert’s tour, which is named after the song, also recently kicked off.

The video is in black and white in its entirety, giving it a simple and homely tone to go along with the lyrics.

Another notable element of the video is that Gilbert does not wear a hat throughout, contrary to his typical appearance. This insinuates that Gilbert is in a comfortable environment and around people who he considers close and his family.

The video commonly shows Gilbert riding motorcycles across the countryside with his friends and catching the eyes of those nearby due to his unique and bad-boy form. This ties back into the lyrics of the song saying that Gilbert is who he is and that he is not ashamed of it.

The third go-around of the chorus presents a break in an otherwise uptempo song. It features Gilbert’s vocals alone with an acoustic guitar.

This slow-down is reflected in the video by shifting the focus to Gilbert and his pregnant wife, Amber Cochran. It shows Gilbert, who has stated more often that he has calmed down from his previous unruly behavior, in a different light — but still one that is a huge part of who he is.

The video leaves us with a shot of Gilbert and his friends sitting on their motorcycles, staring into a bonfire in an open field, much as he eludes to in many previous songs.

Overall, this video does a fine job with an otherwise low-performing single. There is no doubting the message here, and the director does a great job of maximizing the effect of the song through the cinematography.


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