Cleveland, Ohio — With the 2018 NCAA tournament here, Matthew Johns and Sean McDonnell decided to put their intelligence — or lack-thereof — to the test by trying to see who could fill out the best March Madness bracket.

Each game will be one point, regardless of round. The ‘First Four’ won’t count towards the score.

Sean McDonnell’s Bracket

Sean’s thoughts:

The only seed I have in the final four higher than a two seed is Arizona State. With wins over Xavier and Kansas, I think they can right their recent woes and go deep into this tournament. At least I hope they can. I still have them losing to Xavier in the championship.

I also have Wright State making it into the ‘Sweet 16’. Partly because I want the Horizon League to have a good showing and prove it can compete at the Division I level, and partly because I think Loudon Love is my second favorite Horizon League freshman.

Matt is going to try and say that he beat me last year, but he won’t mention that he hid the fact that another person in that contest beat him. He never published their bracket, and karma is going to get him.

Matthew Johns’ Bracket

Matt’s thoughts:

I picked Michigan State to dance this year. I think they have a team full of NBA prospects. Their depth and number of weapons will be what inevitably leads them to a championship.

We did this same thing last year and I did better than Sean. I have full confidence that it will be the same story this year. Sean is a good guy and all, but I heard he had CSU falling in the first round of the Horizon League tournament. If he can’t even get the Horizon League tournament right, why should anybody believe he has a hope at getting the March Madness tournament right?
Be sure to check back after every round to find out who is doing better and comment below who you think has the better bracket.
Graphic designed by Roman Macharoni


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